April 8, 2022
hands typing on the keyboard PUFGSE8 scaled - 10 Ultimate Typing Games for Adults and Kids

In this digital era, having a fast and accurate typing speed can give you huge leverage, especially in jobs that would require extra incentives to get. For people pursuing careers in industries like data entry, communication, and digital marketing, learning to type fast and accurately shouldn’t be viewed as a bonus. Rather, it’s a basic skill to acquire before entering the job market.

But even if you have no interest in such careers, fast typing skills can be handy while typing on your PC, chatting with your online friends, or playing a videogame.

One of the most effective methods of learning to type fast and accurately is by playing computer games. Computer games teach you how to type fast while also allowing you to enjoy the fun and exciting gaming experience.

The following is a rundown of the ten ultimate typing games for both adults and kids.

NB: Some of these are not single games but gaming platforms that come with an array of typing games.

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For Kids

1. KidzType



KidzType teaches your kid to type using a broad collection of lessons, practices, exercises, and games. To make the typing lessons easy to follow, the platform divides its lessons, practices, and exercises using a keyboard section.

Also, KidzType implements a variety of beautiful icons and graphics that are intended to hook your kid to the game. Some of those include juicy apples, powerful ninjas, and gliding cats.

The fact that this game allows your kid to choose their difficulty levels and school grade makes it excellent for children of different learner levels. The dashboard is clean, intuitive, and is integrated with incredibly navigable features.

2. Learning Games for Kids

Learning Games for Kids

Learning Games for Kids

If you’re looking for a typing game for kids that comes with plenty of options, look no further than Learning Games for Kids. This platform features more than 20 different challenges and games, and follows a step-by-step approach to teaching your child fast and accurate typing skills.

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If your kid is a beginner, he can start by mastering the home row keys. After that, the child can advance to more challenging levels. There’s also a lesson-based course that comes complete with ten levels.

Learning Games for Kids uses monstrous meteors, silly foods, and spooky ghosts to boost your kid’s learning experience. It also comes with a speed and accuracy test that helps learners to gauge their progress.

3. FreeTypingGame



Like Learning Games for Kids, FreeTypingGame also teaches your kids to type fast and accurately, then allows them to put their acquired skills to the test. To make that possible, the game comes with three distinct sections, namely lessons, games, and tests.

Besides taking the test at the end of each lesson, your child can also gauge their typing speed by picking a typing goal. These goals are based on the number of words the kid wishes to type per minute. Plus, learners can choose their preferred difficulty levels.

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There are up to 30 different options that your kids can choose from, depending on the keys they wish to learn. And like most typing games for kids, FreeTypingGame implements cool game themes.

4. TurtleDiary



TurtleDiary provides a wide assortment of games for kids of all ages, interests, and experience levels. Besides being able to experiment with more than 30 games, learners can also take a set of lessons which are segmented into three different skill levels. The Beginner level comes with 25 lessons, the Intermediate level has 9, while the Advanced level features 17 lessons.

Another noteworthy feature of TurtleDiary is that Kids get to choose the keyboard area they wish to practice their typing skills on.

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Some of the game themes TurtleDiary uses include Balloon Typing, Keyracer, Underwater Typing, etc.

5. SlimeKids



SlimeKids comes with a dozen games, which makes it another perfect recommendation for kids looking for variety. But that’s not the only thing to love about this typing game for children. It implements some of the coolest gaming features, which not only entertain learners but also let them hone their keyboarding skills in a creative manner.

An example is Type ‘Em Up, where learners shoot alien letters in a bid to protect the plant. There’s also KeyMan, a Pac Man-style game where kids type letters that allow them to escape ghosts.

However, one drawback to SlimeKids is that it doesn’t provide lessons or tests.

For Adults

6. The Typing Cat

The Typing Cat

The Typing Cat

The Typing Cat is recommended for professionals, particularly personal tutors, computer programmers, and graphic designers. Like most typing games, The Typing Cat begins by introducing you to regular typing lessons. From the basics, you can work your way up to more complex typing lessons, including HTML.

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The integration of HTML might stir your interest in coding. But even if you’re not into computer programming, working with these coding concepts will improve your typing skills significantly by letting your fingers familiarize themselves with strange word combinations and characters.

Some of the courses you can experiment with include EcmaScript 6, CSS 3, and HTML 5.

7. ZType



Most maverick gamers are already acquainted with Space Invaders, the 70’s game where players shot tiny green and purple aliens across a screen using two-bullet lasers. Well, here’s a game that does you one better.

ZType uses the same shooting concept as Space Invaders, but with a special bonus – you get to hone your keyboarding skills as you play.

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In the place of aliens, ZType uses waves. The player must type out certain words to defend their ship from getting blown up by missiles. The higher you advance in the game, the longer and more complex the words you must type within the allotted timeframe.

8. Typing Trainer

Typing Trainer

Typing Trainer

Typing Trainer is particularly ideal for beginner typists. One of the best things about this typing game is that it uses step-by-step tutorials in teaching players typing skills. These tutorials cover the full spectrum of typing, right from basic words and sentences to more complex phrases.

Learners are introduced to new keys methodically, and there’s also the provision for skills test at the end of each lesson.

For each lesson, Typing Trainer has a warm-up section where learners can type without looking at the keyboard, as part of gauging their progress. The platform uses powerful tools that identify the words or sentences a learner may be having difficulties typing.


9. Speed Typing Online

Speed Typing Online

Speed Typing Online

Most typing games primarily focus on helping learners to improve their typing speed and accuracy. However, Speed Typing Online uses a more fun and engaging approach to teaching typing lessons. With this online typing game, you can type to famous books, songs, fables, poems, etc.

The platform uses a bright blue frame that holds your texts. After pressing the accurate keystrokes, the frame releases your text.
There’s a statistics page at the end of each timer which displays your progress by highlighting the words you typed accurately per minute, as well as the incorrect entries. The page also gives your overall accuracy score and error rate.

10. TapTyping – Typing Trainer



TapTyping – Typing Trainer takes the concept of typing games to a whole new level by allowing learners to type on a touchscreen mobile device. That’s a noteworthy feature, considering that typing on mobile devices is a bit difficult compared to typing on a computer. Also, since this game is mostly mobile-based, users can learn to type on the go.

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The game has a TapTyping’s global leaderboard tool through which learners can challenge other typists around the world. And whenever you want to put your typing skills to the test, there’s the provision of taking advanced lessons.

At the end of each test, TapTyping Typing Center lets you find your typing errors by watching your finger strokes on a heat map.

Wrap Up

With plenty of typing games continuously being developed, learning to type has never been easier. The best part is that these games allow you to hone your typing skills as you seamlessly enjoy the gameplay.

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