March 15, 2020
Email - Best Practices To Ace Your Email Marketing Game

Regardless of how many new ways of communicating with your audience have emerged, email communication never goes out of style. It may have evolved over the years in terms of strategies and execution to keep up with the ever-increasing competition.

This method to reach out to your customers is superfast, effective, and even affordable. However, many companies end up sending out such dry emails as if it’s an annoying chore. They may have been written well with great images, but they fail to engage users or even prompt them to click on it.

Not just an email format or structure, but the entire consolidated strategy needs to be executed well in order to spur sales, CTR, sign-ups, etc.

So here are some essential best practices that you need to convert your customers. 

  • Have an Email List? Segment it

If you are emailing the same copy to every individual on your email list, then we would ask you not to bother anymore. After all, why would you send your current customer a brochure of introductory prices that are only applicable to your new customers only? Why would your customer care? They would care if your email had something related to promotions and rewards for being your long time loyal and valuable customer. 

Every customer has different needs and requirements, a little tailoring could go a long way and that could be done with a bit of segmentation. You could categorize your email list as per their interest, location, demographics, or from where you got your customer to sign up for your email service i.e. from your website, eBook signup, etc. 

Most marketers ask users, which topics they are interested in while signing up, while some segment them based on their interactions with the site.

As per DMA, your segmented email campaigns are poised to receive 760% more revenue than you average ones. 

  • Personalize Your Email

Starbucks was able to turnaround its business from the brink of failure into a thriving one, courtesy of its rigorous personalized email program. In fact, a personalized email could jump your click-through rate by 14% and conversions by 10%.

Your email list will come in handy when you go for personalization. To begin with, personalization utilizes the user’s own name in the subject line and email. Don’t worry, we have plenty of email marketing tools, which will get that done for you. If you have special promotions for women’s day, send out emails to your female audience.

Sure personalized emails can be time-consuming, but you don’t have to complicate it. A dynamic content could get your job done well too. For example, you could structure the same email for all, but utilize different images based on their interests. 

Dynamic content is a great way to deliver real-time and personalized content without the hassle of creating individual campaigns for each list. 

  • The Simpler, the Better

From your email subjects to its content, everything should be informative but to-the-point. No need to beat about the bush as no one has the time neither the inclination to figure out what you have to say. 

For example, if you are selling Spectrum internet services, an email subject line saying ‘How to get a Spectrum Discount’ would immediately make your audience interested in discount dive in.

Also, keep your subject line around 41 characters, or close to 7 words. No dragging. 

  • Notice Subscriber Behavior 

Want to grab your audience’s attention? Give them something they already want. And you could do it by monitoring your subscriber’s behavior on your site. Integration of Google Analytics or any other tool could inform you all about it. 

This is particularly effective when your customer abandons their cart, and you could send them an email about alerting them of a discount on that product or just remind them that their cart is waiting. If a user was interested in a certain product that went out of stock, an email informing them of the product availability could weave a lot of magic. 

Lastly, if you are unable to figure out what to send your audience in email, their behavior could tell you a lot about it. Did they visit certain several times? Send them content related to that page. 

  • Teach Something Via Email

If you want to keep your subscribers engaged over a long period of time, you could get your audience to sign up so they could learn a skill only you could teach. 

For example, if your site is all about digital marketing, then you could entice your subscribers into teaching them industry best practices if they subscribed to your email. Or you could give a series of lessons narrowing down on a specific area of digital marketing. 

Email classes are one of the most personalized and singular ways to engage and interact with your customers on a deeper level. 

As a Result

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If you are up for getting some improvement in your conversions, then it’s high time you consider personalizing your emails. 

Email marketing is a great way to establish a relationship with your audience. Moreover, it doesn’t have the restrictions that are usually rife on social media platforms or are in the danger of losing your customers if the social network deactivates your account, your email list remains yours. 

See how industry experts are playing their email marketing campaigns. Spice up your email with new and singular ideas, and determine what works best for you, your goals, and your audience. 


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