September 20, 2022

Online gambling and casino platforms have exploded in popularity in recent years. Pandemic-related restrictions only worked to further fuel this growth, as people turned to online gambling for entertainment while stuck at home.

However, as these online casinos saw rising numbers of visitors, they saw an increase in scammers attracted to the platforms as well. The fast-paced, cash-rich environments proved to be attractive destinations for cyber criminals who, despite the casinos’ best efforts, continue to prey on unsuspecting gamblers. Follow these simple tips to ensure you stay safe while gambling and avoid falling victim to the scammers.

Know what to look out for

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There are a range of scams employed by criminals to fleece gamblers out of their money. Knowing what to look out for can help you spot these tricks coming and keep you and the contents of your wallet safe.

Biased games are games designed to heavily favour the house, making it harder for players to win but much easier to lose. Read the rules of each game and avoid any that strike you as uncommon or unusual, these are often the hallmarks of a biased game. Stick to games with good reviews and from established developers. You could also use live dealer casinos from a reputable operator, these eliminate the random number generation element that digital games use, offering you a more traditional and familiar casino experience.

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Do your research

Conducting some preliminary research before you start gambling is the best way to avoid falling for a scam. Check reviews for casinos and games to ensure everything is above board, and check for a website’s security rating to confirm it will be safe for you to deposit your cash there.

Make sure to check for licensing information, legitimate casino platforms will have licence approval from the relevant regulatory bodies, certificates of which should be clearly displayed on or accessed via their website.

Finally, have a look at the available deposit options and withdrawal limits. Reputable online casinos should offer a wide range of deposit methods, from debit cards or credit cards to e-wallet options like PayPal.

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Read the terms

We’ve all been guilty of ticking that little box and confirming that we’ve read the terms and conditions when we know fine well that we’ve done no such thing. However, when it’s your finances or your personal details at stake, you should always strive to carefully read what exactly it is you’re agreeing to.

Scam casinos are well aware of the common tendency we have to skim through or even ignore the terms and conditions completely, so they will include predatory terms in the agreement that can have serious financial implications on you further down the line. Watch out for unrealistic withdrawal limits or verification requirements, these can indicate fraudulent activity.

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Ensure any online casino offers customer support services, as this can often be a sign of legitimacy.

Keep your computer protected

Hackers are wise to the large sums of cash spent in online casinos and will try and steal money from gamblers if the opportunity presents itself. Spyware and malware can infect your computer, leaving it vulnerable to breaches by scammers. They can lift your banking or personal details, with serious consequences.

Avoid visiting unfamiliar websites or clicking on suspicious links. To keep yourself protected, make sure your computer is kept up to date with the latest antivirus software.


Online gambling can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. However, like everything in life, it can come with some inherent risks. Avoid common scams by keeping yourself informed and protected, ensuring you stay safe online.

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