October 2, 2021
signs your pet is not feeling well 67972 - Signs Your Pet is Not Feeling Well

It is something all good pet owners dread, their animal friend becoming unwell, and unlike plenty of humans who can tell us very obviously if they are not feeling their best, animals rely on different types of communication, and for us, their owners, to help spot the signs and symptoms if something is wrong. 

If you are worried about your pet at any point, first and foremost, please call an emergency vet line. Having pet insurance will make scary times like this more manageable by helping you financially so you can focus your attention on your dog. To find out more about the signs you should be looking for, read this piece.

Lethargy and Fatigue

It is crucial to know that while there may be different signs for different species and that we must take personality traits and breeds into consideration, there is a general rule that if your pet stops behaving as they usually do, something, whether it is small or serious, has changed.

Lethargy is something that can be seen across the board with all pets for those who are not feeling quite right. If you find your pet is sleeping a lot, appears exhausted, does not want to move around or exercise, it is important that you get your friend a check-up.
Be sure to go to a trusted practice such as Phoenix vets to make sure your pet gets the best care and their health is tackled head-on. 

Unusual Aggression 

Aggression in itself usually means that an animal is scared, but if your pet does not usually show signs of aggression and then is demonstrating the behavior, it could mean that something is wrong, such as they are experiencing pain or confusion.

Pain is a fast-track way to making a dog or cat lash out (as the same with humans), so giving your pets a once over and a trip to the vet is recommended. However, it could be an illness or injury that you cannot see and will need to be diagnosed and treated by a professional. 

Not Eating or Drinking Much 

When our pets are not feeling well, another sign indicating they may be feeling less than perfect is their appetite – especially if they are usually big eaters. Make sure you keep an eye on their food and water bowl and note how much they are consuming each day. If their appetite starts to pick up, then whatever the problem was has probably worked its way out of their system, but it could be something serious if it continues or becomes worse. If you are not sure, then always call your vet for advice on whatever is going on, as if there is a problem, you will want to catch it as early as possible to avoid any potential or further damage and discomfort. 

Upset Stomach

Tying in with appetite, an upset stomach can also be a significant indicator that something might not be quite right. There is no need to panic, as often this can be resolved by changing food or abstaining from certain treats. You know your own pet, but never hesitate to ask a professional if you are concerned.

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