April 26, 2022

The world of gambling has been known for a very long time, starting from underground games in noble houses and classic casinos in America. Now the sphere has changed, the machines have switched to a virtual format. People choose online casino slots to play around the clock and anywhere. Modern online casinos provide a huge selection of slot machines of various genres and types. Bonus games, extra rounds, jackpots – all this is in modern slots, but they were not always like this.

1. The first poker machine

In New York in 1891, Sitman and Pitt invented the first slot machine. It was not like modern slots and imitated the game of poker. There were five reels in front of the person, on which the card designations changed (all 50 cards of the poker deck). Depending on the combination that fell out, the person lost or won. In case of victory, the player had to go to the bartender and get a mug of beer or a cigar from him, because the machine was not able to directly give a win.

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2. The appearance of the “one-armed bandit”

The one-armed bandit slot machine known to all people was invented by Charles August Fey. In 1895, he was able to solve the problem of slot payouts and completely changed its mechanics. Now, to start the machine, a person had to throw a 5-cent coin and pull the lever (hence the name).

Fey also changed the look of the machine – the number of reels was reduced to three, and the card symbols replaced the suits (hearts, spades, crosses, diamonds), a horseshoe and a bell were added. The last symbol was the most expensive and paid out 50 cents when three symbols appeared in a row. He gave the basis for the concept of the jackpot.

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3. Improvement of the popular model

The described “one-armed bandit” Fey was called “Liberty Bell”. After a while, the owner improved the machine, which became known as 4-11-44. It was for such a combination on the screen that the player received the maximum payout.

4. Creation of Fruit Machines

It took the owners of the Bell-Fruit Gum Company a little less than ten years to release a completely new and interesting slot. In 1912, the Fruit Machines appeared. Its three reels featured fruit (cherry, apple, watermelon, orange) and the BAR symbol. Changing the pictures made the payout easier. Now the machine gave out a prize of chewing gum with the taste of fallen fruit. This made it possible to circumvent the ban on slots because the machine was recognized as a vending machine.

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5. Ban on alcohol and closure of gambling establishments

When alcohol was banned in 1920 and all bars where fruit machines stood closed, slots did not disappear. They stood the test and continued to improve.

6. “Golden Age of Slots”

Machine guns were actively produced, changed, and improved in the period from 1919 to 1930. They have spread throughout the states of America.

7. First electromechanical slot

“Money Honey” was released in 1964 and already had an electromechanical system. The lever was left for beauty, and the rotation of the reels was started by a button. This machine accepted and paid out real money – coins.

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8. Launching online slots

In 1995, the world’s first online casino was opened, and Microgaming became an innovator in the field of online slots, which still produces many slot machines.

9. The appearance of the first video slot

Online slots at first imitated one-armed bandits, but in 1996 video slots appeared. The bonuses, jackpots, additional games, and more attract gamblers.

10. Modern online slot machines

Presented now slot machines in online casinos are diverse. Dozens of manufacturers, different mechanics, hundreds of topics, and many bonuses. Now it has become more interesting to play, there are more opportunities to win money, and not just for fun.

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