December 28, 2021
chihuahua fun facts 324x160 1 - Some Fun Facts to know about Chihuahua Dogs
chihuahua fun facts

Chihuahua is the most popular for their insignificant size, huge round eyes, and affinity to shudder and shake. In any case, there are bunches of other intriguing realities about this toy dog breed from their set of experiences to their fame as a big name companion.

Chihuahuas are a delightful toy breed that is well known with inhabitants all through the United States. Originally perceived by the AKC in 1904, they normally weigh somewhere in the range of three and six pounds and are six to nine inches tall. Due to their size and little requirement for work out, they adjust well to city and apartment dwelling.

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The littlest of every single purebred dog, Chihuahuas – or Chis as they are lovingly called – are intelligent and can be very cheeky, having unmistakable characters. They are exceptionally loving and very loyal pets that commonly well with children and different animals, if presented appropriately.

In light of their intelligence, Chihuahuas are easily trainable. Indeed, they really do very well while competing in spryness and compliance preliminaries and can make for great assistance dogs, especially for the visually impaired and as an everyday reassurance animal.

This breed has a long history and some uncommon actual traits, so we should investigate a couple of fun realities about the Chihuahua that you may not know and may simply adjust your perspective on the breed.

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Chihuahua History

While there is some discussion about the origins of Chihuahua Dogs, it appears to be reasonable that this breed originated in Mexico. The name Chihuahua comes from the Mexican condition of a similar name, which borders Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. It’s idea that these dogs observed their direction into the United States when they were sold to sightseers bridging the border.

There is proof that Chihuahuas follow their heredity back to the Techichi, who were companion animals domesticated by the Toltecs of old Mexico. The privileged Toltecs accepted the Techichi were holy animals that could direct the spirit to the afterworld. Numerous Techichi were covered with their lords dependent on this conviction.

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With their little heads, large eyes and energetic ears, Chihuahuas are one of the most unmistakable dog breeds. Here are a few reasons why you ought to think about a Chihuahua:

The World’s Smallest Dog, by Length, is Also a Chihuahua

Wonder Milly might hold the title of being the world’s littlest dog by tallness, however another Chihuahua is the world’s littlest dog by length. Brought into the world on New Year’s Eve 2003, Heaven Sent Brandy is a long-coat female Chihuahua that measures only 6 inches (15.2 cm) from the tip of her nose to the rear of her tail. In 2005, Guinness World Records granted Brandy with the title of being the world’s littlest dog by length.

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Chihuahuas Have Long Lifespans

While little dogs will generally live longer than bigger dog breeds in any case. Chihuahuas appreciate especially long life ranges averaging 13 – 15 years.


Chihuahuas also known for some things and being loyal to their pet guardians is one of them. They appreciate investing quality energy with you whether it’s perched on your lap during your recreation time or taking a ride in and out of town with you.

Chihuahuas Have Fun, Playful Personalities

However chihuahuas are loyal and friendly with their owners, they are everything except dull and love to play! However, no two chihuahuas are something very similar, so if you have a friend with a chihuahua, your pet is probably going to be very different and remarkable.

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Chihuahuas are Smart and Easy to Train

Most dog breeds are splendid, however some are more brilliant and easier to train than others. Chihuahuas specifically are a brilliant breed and are, thus, easy to train for submission.

Chihuahuas Generally Don’t Mind Playing Along

One thing pet guardians love doing is dressing their fur children up for exceptional events or just to keep them warm and comfortable. Being the loving, loyal and easy to train pets that they are, chihuahuas have no issue wearing garments whether it’s a comfortable sweater and paw-protectant booties or a Batman ensemble for Halloween.

Chihuahuas are Affordable to Feed

As a result of their little size, it sensibly follows that chihuahuas are easy and are reasonable to take care of as they don’t eat a great deal.

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different types of chihuahua mix

Chihuahuas are Easy to Care For

Also chihuahuas are easy to take care of, however they are also easy to wash and to groom. They just need around 20–minutes of activity each day. They can easily get within the house or on a stroll around the square on a lead.

Chihuahuas Can Be Destructive

Albeit little in size, Chihuahuas can cause large harm. Chihuahuas cause more property harm for the duration of their lives than some other breed. Specialists observed the normal Chihuahua causes about $1,300 of harm by tearing, biting, staining, scratching and burrowing.

Chihuahuas are Popular Among Celebrities

Innumerable big names since the beginning have owned Chihuahuas. The nineteenth century Italian-French drama artist Adelina Patti owned a little Chihuahua named Benito. She got as a gift from Mexico’s President Porfirio Diaz. Patti welcomed Benito on a few visits, presenting the little and lovable dog to many people interestingly. The Spanish-American bandleader Xavier Cugat owned a few Chihuahuas.

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Different famous people who’ve owned or as of now own a Chihuahua incorporate Adrian Brody, Anne Heche, Ashton Kutcher, Billie Holiday, Cesar Millan, Christina Ricci, Demi Moore, Enrico Caruso, George Lopez, Hilary Duff, Jayne Mansfield, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Katharine McPhee, Lupe Velez, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Mickey Rourke, Paula Abdul, Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock, Scarlett Johansson and Sharon Osbourne.

Chihuahuas are Great Guard Dogs

Since they are loyal and enlivened, chihuahuas are one of the best guard dogs. They are a vocal breed, and are careful about pariahs. So if somebody moves toward your home or means to meddle, your chihuahua will ensure everybody is familiar with it.

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Arizona’s State Dog is the Chihuahua, Unofficially

Pennsylvania has the Great Dane, Massachusetts has the Boston terrier, and North Carolina has the Plott Hound. While informal, New Mexico’s state dog is the Chihuahua.

Chihuahuas Come in Many Breeds and Breed Mixes

At long last, the chihuahua breed has a great deal of variety. There are seven different chihuahua breeds, and there are numerous chihuahua breed mixes. Chihuahuas actual characteristics will more often than not win. Mixed-breed pets regularly partake in the hereditary advantages (like increased health) related with whatever breed they mixed with.

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