May 30, 2022
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Kalyan Matka

Playing Kalyan Matka bets is entertaining, and some of you may have developed a talent for betting. We would like to say that today there is scope to participate in the Kalyan Matka game. This is a name, which is common for people who regularly visit the Matka board. However, in case you are making the initial foray into the Matka, we will share with you the details.

What is this Kalyan Matka Game?

The Kalyan chart is the oldest form of Satta Matka game to be played in India and it is a number guessing game. This is a game, which is six decades old but gambling in India existed even before that. The first form of gambling in India was Ankur Jugar and it was played just after Independence. That was a popular game but had to stop midway because stock exchanges worldwide halted cotton trades. This game was introduced six decades ago and has been popular since then.

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What Makes The Kalyan Matka Different From Other Games?

The Kalyan Matka is the oldest and another popular name, which we could take, is the Worli Matka. However, despite other options casino gamblers prefer to play Kalyan Matka and there are some reasons for it.

  • The Kalyan Matka runs seven days a week and this is the first reason why it is popular. It is on holidays, there could be a knack for placing the bets and no other market operates 7 days a week.
  • It is significantly easier to pick up cash prizes from the Kalyan Matka games. This is something, which we will discuss at a later stage.
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How do I participate in the Kalyan Matka and earn cash prizes?

You are perhaps aware that Matka guessing is about predicting numbers and it is not different in the case of the Kalyan chart. Hence, you will come across websites, which offer tips on ways to play this game successfully. You can follow these tips and the trick will be to implement them with small amounts on a real Kalyan Matka board. It is after you achieve perfection, one can invest bigger amounts, and this way you should be laughing all the way to the bank. There is surely entertainment value and also lucrative cash prizes to pick up.

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